personal development

Soft skills

self management.

Effective personal organization
Conducting your meetings
Time management
Managing your schedule
Optimizing your mental performance: see Mental Preparation

Our offer.

We propose an hour of free interview to evaluate your challenge and see how far we can help you:

/ Are you wondering about what to do with your career?
/ Do you think you are going to retrain, but have trouble identifying which one?
/ Do you have a difficult relationship with a superior, a colleague?
/ Are you struggling to maintain a work / life balance?
/ Thinking about developing your own professional project?
/ Do you want to fulfill your childhood dream and opt for the activity you have always wanted to do?

You wish to start an individual coaching after our interview without any commitment. We propose you to work in sessions. Price to be agreed.

Interviews by appointment or skype at times to be mutually agreed.


Our offer

Interviews by appointment or by skype, or zoom, at times to be mutually agreed.